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A few favourite articles are listed below, beside links to specific subdirectories.

At the Seashore with Medea
A Marriage Unravels in Athens
Greece, A Love Story:
Plum shadows outline the Parthenon. This buttress of land, the art upon it – defying time and Turkish detonations – are so ancient. The moon even more so, a bruised apricot. My woes, suspended briefly between the two, have no weight.

Eyeball to eyeball with Canada’s migrating salmon
BBC Travel: My brain froze as I submerged into the cold water of British Columbia’s Shuswap Lake. But the discomfort paled as I watched sockeye salmon – hundreds of cherry-tinted fish with moss-green heads – swirl overhead like a kaleidoscope. At the end of an epic 4,000km journey, they were waiting to swim the final leg upstream to spawn and die.

Love in a Time of Abundance
Winner of a Lowell Thomas silver, cultural tourism
Grand Silver for Best Travel Writing from Travelers' Tales Solas Award
Hidden Compass: Navigating grief with the Okavango Delta’s last generation of Bushmen hunter-gatherers
My father wore an apron, not a suit and tie
Oxford Mail: "He did the the school run, the grocery shopping, plaster-application, biscuit dispensing and so on, financed by my mother's paycheque. The division of labour worked well. She hated children. He loved them.

Calm as a Hurricane's Eye
Winner of a Lowell Thomas bronze, adventure
Road and Travel: Everything in Honduras is slow, slow as I've never experienced. Heat leaches muscle fiber, skeletal strength and all ambition. Coral sand grits under my bare feet, after the espadrilles unlace. Even the lightning pulses long and lazy on the ocean's horizon. Tropical diving downshifts yet another gear, if such a thing is possible.

Guyana: Running Naked in Paradise
Travelgirl Magazine, photos and text: From baby-cradle water lilies to stretch-limo river otters, South America’s only English-speaking country surprises. But can it push further – protecting its tropical rainforest and indigenous culture – with a clever carbon-offsetting plan?

In Pictures: Happy 50th Birthday, Dear Kenya
Yahoo: A slideshow of my images from the Maasai Mara, Samburu and Diani Beach.

Live & Learn
GEICO Now: Bring a sense of adventure and discovery to your next vacation with workshops that stretch your skills, from the kitchen to the corral and even the circus tent.

Tangled up in Wild Blue
Single State of the Union:
The ship slid from the dock, my dreams churning in its wake. I wanted so very badly to go, go, go, get gone from the tulip fields, the silage and sleech of Skagit Valley.

Village People
Salon Magazine: Ye Olde England still exists in all its imagined splendour – that is, if you overlook the busted pipes and bigoted redneck neighbours.


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