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I am unable to respond to all requests for career advice, due to a busy work schedule. My best (and admittedly biased) recommendation? Take one of my classes or independent study programs. But if budget woes prevail, here are some resources.

Courses offered
online and in-person



Other options include coaching and manuscript consultation.



Even experienced authors sometimes need guidance: an external eye and cheerleading voice. I work with writers on voice development, plot structure, grammar and rhetoric, data mining, marketing, pitching (articles and book proposals) and often the greatest hurdle of all  just getting started. We confer online or in coffeeshops in North Seattle.

Fees: Line-critiques cost ten cents a word for the first round and six cents a word for additional edits. (discounts available for longer, on-going projects). I can also offer more general career advice for $125/hour.



I devise a three- to five-page report, outlining suggestions for improved clarity, style and marketability. Most effectively, this is paired with a line-critique: a detailed edit, which reveals a writer's unconscious patterns and explains the rationale behind changing them.

Fee: $1 per double-spaced page by arrangement with the instructor. Please note, this service is only available for longer projects, 50 pages or more.



Paypal, SquareCash, bank transfers and personal checks in US dollars are accepted. Students are responsible for any transfer fees.



"I spent eight semesters in creative writing classes at UC Berkeley, and Amanda offered more guidance and carefully directed help than any professor there." Jenny Williams

"She is a dream teacher, just the right balance between a knuckle-rapping tutor and a mom full of hugs. Thanks again for Writers.com. The course fees are lots cheaper than a shrink!"  Linda Petrucelli

"I learned a huge amount, have had four pieces published and paid for (including my very first assignment, in The Guardian) and have completed the course with a sense of expanded possibilities. Thank you so much this is the most rewarding educational experience I've had."  Rachael Davey

"What an amazing gift you've given us: personalized attention plus huge generosity in sharing practical knowledge from the trenches. Far better than courses at traditional institutions."  Anne Anderson

"Amanda is an amazing line editor and quick to provide excellent answers to questions. She's very supportive and encouraging, and I consider her not only my teacher, but a mentor as well."  Audrey Medina

"At the end of 10 weeks, I had arrived in the Blogosphere, made new friends and even bagged a job as a writer at a magazine all thanks to this course!"  Nidhi Nayer

"With the confidence and skills Amanda gave me, I was able to approach highly regarded publications, like The Washington Post and the Toronto Star, and succeed in getting published. Amanda's class is a good investment, for beginners, as well as for professionals who need to energize their work and look at it from a different perspective. Gaston Lacombe

"She encouraged me to work beyond my limitations as a writer to points I'd never before reached, and beyond to new ones. Studying with Amanda will improve your writing, no matter the genre, and you'll have fun doing it!"  Debra Borchert

"To have my first article accepted by the first publication I approached ?The Christian Science Monitor ? was like rocket fuel for me, and I have Amanda Castleman's expertise to thank."  Anne Clippinger, PhD, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of English, Montgomery College, MD

"Amanda is an inspiration, an ideal to aspire to."  James Polk

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I've posted some advice here, as well as a list of books and sites useful for travel writing, part of my curriculum.

Updated April 2020

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