I have written a wide array of opinion pieces from staff editorials to personal essays. The Oxford Mail offered me a newspaper column – but the promise of Rome won out. I hope to fulfil that dream someday, however.

At the Seashore with Medea
A Marriage Unravels in Athens
Greece, A Love Story: Plum shadows outline the Parthenon. This buttress of land, the art upon it – defying time and Turkish detonations – are so ancient. The moon even more so, a bruised apricot. My woes, suspended briefly between the two, have no weight.

Where groping helps the bottom line
MSN Underwire: Is pinching a woman's bottom in the workplace ever acceptable? Amanda Castleman reports from Rome on molestie sessuali.

Even flowers can't sweeten GM's smell
Italy Daily: Let’s just hope Uncle Sam doesn’t administer a force feeding. Washington is angry at the loss of exports to Europe worth around $4.5bn every year – and may run squealing to the World Trade Organisation. PDF version.

My father wore an apron, not a suit and tie
Oxford Mail: "He did the the school run, the grocery shopping, plaster-application, biscuit dispensing and so on, financed by my mother's paycheque. The division of labour worked well. She hated children. He loved them.

The office dress code: who's really wearing the trousers?
Oxford Mail: "Even Barbie, the most pliant of female symbols, gets to wear trousers. It's a sad day when we have to fight for the same rights."

"Soap gets in your eyes: Addicted to TV melodramas
MSN Underwire: "Beverly Hills 90210 provided something that Sartre, Saki and all my snobby little paperbacks never could: a bright-plumaged world shared with hundreds of thousands of other viewers, a cultural currency as widely accepted as Visa."

The (Real) Truth About Beauty
New Jersey Life Health + Beauty: Like it or not, our bodies influence status, sexuality, self-identity, and social encounters. Despite all our women’s lib and meditation about inner beauty, humans remain hard-wired for Felina lingerie, not femstaches. Anyone who bucks the trend should be prepared to ride out the reverb, from wooing, to the workplace, to places of worship.

Time for law and order on the Fertility Frontier
Italy Daily Comment: Italian IVF bill would endanger women, encouraging unproven techniques and risky multiple pregnancies. Science and safety should direct the legislation – not the moral musings of the Church

Tangled up in Wild Blue
Single State of the Union:
I am not a true daughter of this earth. But I moved here young enough to bear its brand. I've raced 100mph over the salt flats. I've climbed glaciers in the same county where I primped for my junior prom. I've seen my reflection fragmented by blackberry brambles in flooded fields. The scent of this coast signals home to me, more clearly than any channel buoy.

Troubled Bridge over water
Oxford Mail: The river is off-limits, but we need to innovate to keep the silliness of Oxford's May morning alive

Voluptuous Italy shows expatriates how to weather the war
AAR Society of Fellows: Reports circulate of attacks on the American Embassy here – white powder, tunnels – like whispers from a war correspondent’s dreams... Each moment becomes more precious for the threat, and more spiced with delicious disobedience because we ignore the news and drink until dawn. If this continues, we’ll all start writing like Ernest Hemingway.

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