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Real-life British History and Locations Behind ‘Game of Thrones’

Yahoo: “Game of Thrones” swoops back onto screens March 31 like a marauding dragon. HBO’s hit series based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling fantasy novels draws inspiration from British history and has filmed in locations across the UK, many of which are easy to visit.

Contraband Cuisine: Why Pork May Be the Number One Threat to American Borders
Bon Appetit: Pigs always make customs officer Chris R. Richards’s blood run cold. He can confiscate bush meat, $5,000 bird nests—even grave dirt—without much drama. But anything involving pork tends to get heated…and to skid quickly toward combustion. “Take away their ham, and people shout, bang the table, and throw things," he says.

Dinner And A Show
Visit Seattle Cover Story: Seattle has unpacked the dinner-and-a-show idea like a carful of clowns… From art to board games and cooking classes, venues across town have added twofer-twists to lure in patrons.

Live & Learn
GEICO Now, autumn 2014
ring a sense of adventure and discovery to your next vacation with workshops that stretch your skills, from the kitchen to the corral and even the circus tent.

Seattle in 2,000 Calories
Cooking Light: Travel Seattle, Washington in about 2,000 calories and 10,000 steps and learn the pockets of the city filled with unique dining and scenic views.

Spray away on the walls and the web
Italy Daily: Internet grafitti gallery has a preservationist role

Hop Wild And Artisanal Too
Travel Tacoma 2013 Cover story: Pint-sized producers like Elk Head are sprouting up quicker than moss on Northwest wood siding. “Beer-passionate Americans are opening breweries faster than at any time since Prohibition ended,” says the Brewers Association Director Paul Gatza. “There is nearly a new brewery every day of the year.”

Selfies in Seattle
Visit Seattle: Experts may debate the trend— Narcissism? Nostalgia? A stand against the relentless march of time?—but it’s clearly here to stay. So we’ve tracked down the best vantages in Seattle for picture-perfect memories.

Florida Beach Body
Travelgirl Magazine, Summer 2013
M orning light washes over champagne-colored sands as Lt. Colonel Bob Weinstein barks at his squad. “Lunges! Burpees! Jumping jacks!” Some recruits grimace, but nobody sasses the former codebreaker and Cold Warrior. Fitness fans have assembled on this Florida beach for a taste of bootcamp. And no one wants to be the fresh meat that can’t make the grade

Where to see the world’s most beautiful sunsets
MSN: As the stars wheel into place, the sun often rallies for one last blaze of glory. From the African savanna to a remote Polynesian island, here are 10 prime places to salute the end of day.

Don’t Panic: Towel Day and Britain’s Sci-Fi Festival Scene
Yahoo: Brits may have deep historical roots, but many of them just can’t stop looking at the stars.

Seattle 2.0
Acura Style Magazine: Despite its freewheeling Neverland vibe, Seattle has transformed itself from a frontier town into a cultural capital and innovation hub—rivaling even Silicon Valley for entrepreneurial oomph.

Camp David
Oxford Mail: It's not an easy life, but he wouldn't trade those shining moments, where his eccentricity dazzles and his voice blazes over the microphone.

Troubled Bridge over water
Oxford Mail: The river is off-limits, but we need to innovate to keep the silliness of Oxford's May morning alive

A Touch Is Worth A Thousand Words
Today's Chiropractic Lifestyle: The rasp of a cat’s tongue; the eyelash flutter of a “butterfly” kiss; the pinch and burn of an ice cream headache. Touch is one of our most primitive and universal senses. All the way back to the first multicellular life forms—about 2.1 billion years ago—almost all animals have relied on their somatosensory (body-sensing) systems to navigate, find food and evaluate their surroundings.

Voluptuous Italy shows expatriates how to weather the war
AAR Society of Fellows: Reports circulate of attacks on the American Embassy here – white powder, tunnels – like whispers from a war correspondent’s dreams... Each moment becomes more precious for the threat, and more spiced with delicious disobedience because we ignore the news and drink until dawn. If this continues, we’ll all start writing like Ernest Hemingway.

Wild child Caravaggio
Oxford Mail: Assaulting policemen, stabbing with a sword and once throwing a plate of artichokes at a waiter, Caravaggio was the Liam Gallagher of the seventeenth century.

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