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May 2021

Recent clients include Afar, AARP, Airbnb, Sierra, Nations, Thrillist, National Geographic, The New York Times, BBC Travel, Robb Report, American Way, Hidden Compass, Lonely Planet, Scuba Diving, Meetings Today, Travel Age West, Vouch, North 40 and United Airlines.

I'm also serving as Afar's expert for Seattle, Vancouver and Hawaii through 2020, and reporting on health for The New York Times' brand studio.

Much of my energy has been absorbed by books and teaching projects like the Travel Writing Master Class and founding the online academy Write Like a Honey Badger. I also edited Due North, the Lowell-Thomas winning book by the fabulous Lola Akinmade Åkerström.


Seattle remains my home base. Recent trips include:

  • Cotopaxi, Pappallacta & Galapagos, Ecuador
  • Ukraine
  • Galapagos
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Botswana
  • Dominica
  • Andalusia, Spain
  • Rome, Italy
  • Scotland
  • Switzerland
  • Mexican Riviera
  • Barge in Burgundy, France
  • London, UK
  • Brazil
  • Belgium
  • The Netherlands
  • Bonaire
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji
  • Grenada
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Cook Islands
  • Taiwan
  • Australia
  • Colombia
  • Panama
  • Tahiti
  • The Marquesas
  • Guyana
  • Samoa
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Great Bear Rainforest & Bella Bella, BC
  • Kootenay Rockies & Whistler, BC
  • Montreal and Ottawa
  • Maui
  • BC's Sunshine Coast
  • Kaua'i
  • The Island of Hawai'i
  • Southeastern Oregon (Steens, Alvord)
  • Paddle expedition & whale camp, Baja
  • Oliver Ossoyos wine country, BC
  • St Croix, USVI
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Saskatoon, Canada
  • The Yukon
  • Wrangell and the Stikine River, Alaska
  • Sedona, Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ
  • Southern Oregon (inland and coastal)
  • Lana'i and O'ahu, Hawaii
  • Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Geopark, BC
  • Portland, OR
  • Southeast Alaska (by ferry and Uncruise)
  • Steamboat Bay Fishing Club, AK
  • Mount Rainier, WA
  • Olympics and San Juan Islands, WA
  • Vancouver Island, BC
  • A Columbia River paddlewheeler
  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • The Kispiox and Shuswap, BC
  • Lawnmower races, WA
  • The Palouse, SE Washington
  • Banff & Lake Louise, Alberta
  • Okanagan Wine Country, BC
  • Sasquatching: North Cascades

Next up after the pandemic: Switzerland, Italy, England, Sydney and New South Wales, Nashville

Please email if you have editorial needs in these (or any other) areas


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Outside Magazine Parting Shot: Samoan porters
                      by Amanda Castleman







Greece A
                      Love Story book cover
I explored my divorce
with an essay, At the
Seashore with Medea:
A marriage unravels
in Athens
Buy the book or
learn more at
its website.



Writer Lindy West in front of
                                    Seattle's MOPOP, a blonde white
                                    woman wearing a blue dressSeattle: Local Takes
American Way cover story, May 2021
Three notable locals show us how to do their town, their way

Jersey Roots, Country Vibe
Bridgewater Lifestyle, May 2021
The lead singer of Southpaw is a Jersey Girl who gets to the heart of life through country music

The Founders Aren’t Alright
Vouch, April 2021
Founders and CEOs often feel the need to lead by example, working the hardest and the longest. However founders are struggling to stay above water durin
g the pandemic.

A Salish Sea diver floats over
                                    a field of white plumose anemones.
                                    The sea looks jade green/turquoiseHow One Man's Obsession Created the Edmonds Underwater Park
Scuba Diving Magazine, April 2021
Bruce Higgins created a movement of divers that transformed a Seattle-area patch of sand into a beloved dive site. Read the web-version.

Recycling Rock
Bridgewater Lifestyle, April 2021
The Green Planet Band believes change begins local and grows global

Savoring Time in the Okanagan Valley
Morning Calm Magazine, March 2021
I illustrated Karen Gardiner's lovely eight-page story on British Columbia.

Why Hackers Target Startups
Vouch, January 2021
The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports a 400% surge in online crimes since the pandemic began and Americans’ activities moved increasingly onto the internet.

The Krill of it All
The New York Times, August 11, 2020
How a tiny crustacean can have a huge impact on your well-being

AARP's Guide to Washington's Olympic National Park
August 7, 2020
Emerald wilderness, ancient trees, eagles, orcas and limited wi-fi

Little Free Libraries in Seattle have gained new life
The Seattle Times, May 31, 2020
(Images and interview) My friend Colleen Stinchcombe featured my book repository, as
Seattleites wait on libraries to reopen

How creative thinking helped Seattle flatten the curve
National Geographic, May 13, 20201
In the pandemic’s first U.S. epicenter, people are spurring innovation through art, science, and community.

Ride Out the Coronavirus in Your Backyard, Not the Backcountry
Sierra, March 2020
Residents in gateway communities ask visitors to stay home

How Creativity Can Help Us Cope with the Pandemic
Write Like a Honey Badger, March 2020
A Q&A with Alex Leviton, exploring how creativity can help ease coronavirus fears and lockdown pressures.

The Worse the Weather, the Better the Deal
American Way, February 2020
A retreat on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula incentivizes winter visits

Hit the North

Nations Indigenous Lifestyle Magazine, 2020
Ice bears and the aurora. Tundra willows just inches tall, set in a mosaic of moss and bright flowers. The North captivates with its sheer staggering beauty and its diversity—a true reflection of Canada. Experience the glory of the wilderness with these seven expert outfitters (p18).

Into The Wild
Nations Indigenous Lifestyle Magazine, 2020
Seventy percent of all remaining wilderness lies in Canada, along with Russia, Australia, the United States and Brazil. Discover three regions where you can still immerse in pristine nature (p12).

Lose Yourself in… Immersive Travel
Nations Indigenous Lifestyle Magazine, 2020
Take a few days—or even a few weeks—to dive deep into the incredible culture and natural beauty of these Indigenous experiences… (p66)

The Best Caribbean Destinations for an Easy Beach Getaway
Thrillist, 12/27/19
Throughout the Champagne Reef, submerged geothermal springs release curtains of volcanic gas in the southwest of  Dominica, the region's "Nature Island.”

Travel Guide Maui
Afar, November 2019
Hawaii’s second-largest island is also its playground, blending luxury resorts with an array of outdoor adventure. Come for the aloha spirit, stay for the vibrant food scene and renewed passion for native Hawaiian culture.

Superbug Superhero
Rutgers NJMS Pulse Magazine, fall 2019
In the United States, at least two million people succumb to infections that have mutated to defy all medications — and 23,000 of those cases are fatal each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It considers antibiotic resistance one of the biggest health challenges of our time.

Lattimore Food Pantry Offers a Caring Approach to Treating Tuberculosis
Rutgers Today, November 2019
The Lattimore Food Pantry keeps patients well fed for the six months necessary for treatment, a period where they’re unable to work or go to school.

Bilingual Rutgers Surgeon Combats Disparities in Breast Cancer Care
Rutgers NJMS Spotlight, fall 2019
Dr. Adriana Suarez-Ligon '09, a surgical oncologist with Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, sheds light on the need to improve access to screenings and treatment for Latinx patients.

Meet the Woman Behind Maui’s Best Doughnuts
Afar, November 2019
With vibrant hair and a personality to match, Madame Donut proves just as delicious as her signature treats.

What Hula Teaches About Connecting to the Environment in Maui
Afar, November 2019
The motions are a true symbol of the island itself and reflect the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. In fact, this art form has roots deep as Haleakalā, the massive shield volcano rising 10,023 feet above the turquoise Pacific. (Sponsored content)

The 10 Best Beaches in Maui
Afar, November 2019
No trip to Maui is complete without a generous dose of sand and sea. Thankfully, the island has a wealth of user-friendly beaches, covering more than 30 miles of the coastline.

How to Support Green Efforts on Maui
Afar, October 2019
Lots of companies and festivals are upping the eco-game on Maui. Here's how to find them. (Sponsored content)

Things to Do on Maui That Can Help the Environment
Afar, October 2019
Eco-consciousness knows no bounds on Maui. Here’s how travelers can get involved—while having fun. (Sponsored content)

Trending: Seattle
Delta Sky, September 2019
Light rail and a star chef are leveling up Ravenna, a quiet boho neighborhood

Which Greek Islands Are Right For You?
Afar, August 2019
If choosing among the Cyclades, Ionian, and Dodecanese feels like Greek to you, we can help locate the island paradise that suits your vacation personality.

Love in a Time of Abundance
Winner of a Lowell Thomas silver, cultural tourism
Grand Silver for Best Travel Writing from Travelers' Tales Solas Award
Hidden Compass: Navigating grief with the Okavango Delta’s last generation of Bushmen hunter-gatherers
Forest Bathing
Travelgirl Magazine, summer 2019
Photos and text: Can a few hours in the woods cure what ails you? (Request a free digital copy)

Alaska Awakening
Travelgirl Magazine, summer 2019
Photos and text: Sailing up the Inside Passage and into wellness

Welcome to the Library of Things
Sierra Magazine, May 2019
Photos and text: Need a dehydrator to preserve a bumper crop of peaches? An aerator to reduce your compost pile’s pungency? How about a cello, a carpet cleaner, or even camping equipment? Nowadays, you can turn to social enterprises that facilitate the sharing of goods among members, which saves money and space. They also eliminate pollution from the manufacturing and delivery of items not used in regular rotation.

Call of Nature
Delta Sky, April 2019
I covered Italy's Parco Nazionale D'Abruzzo and Australia's Blue Mountains National Park

Best Hawaiian Islands for Different Kinds of Travelers
Afar, April 2019
America’s 50th state keeps travelers spoiled for choice, from Japanese boutiques to Jurassic Park backdrops. Where else in the United States can you freewheel down a volcano, order a ukulele from a master luthier, or lounge on 750 miles of subtropical coastline settled by Polynesians?

The Afar Guide to Dominica
Afar, April 2019 (update to my 2017  guide)
An Eastern Caribbean island the size of Manhattan, Dominica features volcanic peaks veiled by pristine cloud forests and bright, warm seas full of healthy reefs.

Afar Hawaii
As the magazine's Hawaii expert, I craft our attraction and restaurant guides, as well as event calendars and slideshows on the state's beachesromance and outdoor adventures. I'll be expanding this coverage through 2020 and it syndicates onto Chase Bank’s site.

This New Megayacht Will Take You on the Greenest Galápagos Trip Ever
Robb Report, March 2019
The luxurious MV Theory is sailing—and preserving—one of the planet's most delicate habitats

NJMS WIC Program Gives Nutritional Prescriptions and Support
Rutgers Pulse Magazine, spring 2019
Keeping the pantry well-stocked can be a challenge, especially for expectant mothers and those with children under the age of five. Enter the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

Compassion Care
Rutgers Pulse Magazine, spring 2019
The Golden Rule teaches us to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s a simple credo that can be challenging to live fully, day in, day out… especially for busy doctors. But the Healthcare Foundation Center for Humanism and Medicine gives Rutgers medical students the tools to do just that.

Inn at El Gaucho and other hotel reviews
The Telegraph, March 2019
This all-suite boutique hotel sits above a famous Seattle steakhouse and a plush booze-serving movie theatre. The noir vibe channels pure Rat Pack and feels best suited to intrigues, assignations, and recovering from craft-cocktail benders. I also covered the Inn at the Market, Hotel Theodore, Semiahmoo Resort
and Tucson's Canyon Ranch.

Destination Guides
United Airlines, spring 2019
I contributed content to Rio, Guam, Oahu, Kauai, the Island of Hawaii, San Pedro Sula and the Islands of Tahiti.

Supporting a Vulnerable Population
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School Spotlight, November 2018
Every November 20th, the transgender community and its allies pause for a Day of Remembrance, honoring those lost to violence. The rest of the year, physicians and staff at the Rutgers Center for Transgender Health (RCTH) roll up their sleeves and get to work improving — and saving — lives.

Treasured Islands
Delta Sky Magazine, September 2018
Cast away to these intriguing outposts all around the world (p58-65)
How to Buy Legal Weed in Canada
Afar Magazine, August 2018
Everything you need to know about the Great White North green-lighting marijuana

Lakedale Resort, Washington
Telegraph, August 2018
A great base for exploring San Juan Island. Go play outside, then relax with loved ones at this rustic Pacific Northwest resort, built to inspire golden memories. Lakedale harks back to a simpler time… lazy summers filled with hiking, swimming and making s’mores over a campfire.

Upcoming Telegraph reviews include Semiahmoo Resort; Seattle's Theodore, Inn at El Gaucho and Inn at the Market, and Tucson's Canyon Ranch.

A Firsthand Experience at Bushman Plains Camp
Travel Age West, July 2018
Heritage often blends with bar-raising wildlife encounters at Bushman Plains. Its trackers employ skills that allowed their ancestors to thrive in this rugged terrain for the last 100,000 years. They will be the last generation raised in this way of life, as the country banned hunting in 2014.

Cheers to Quirky Northwest Breweries
South Sound Magazine: Washington’s craft beer scene remains the second largest in the U.S. — and has unexpected ties to the English monarchy and rock aristocrats. (Check out King 5's spin-off story!)

Pomeroy, Washington
North 40, June 2018
A Norman Rockwell-esque farm town near NASA’s testing ground for Mars rovers

Afar Vancouver
As the magazine's local expert, I reviewed 50 attractions and restaurants, and wrote slideshows on its culture, dining and outdoor activities. I'll be expanding this content — and adding in event coverage — through 2020.

White Stallion Ranch (and other reviews)
The Telegraph, June 2018
This big-hearted dude ranch shows off the best of Arizona’s warmth, Wild-West heritage, and the spectacular, unspoiled landscape of the Sonoran Desert. Take your own star turn at this popular Hollywood backdrop, where many films and TV shows have been filmed since the 1940s.

Other recent Telegraph reviews include
The Hotel Ändra, the Kimpton Palladian, the Vintage and the W Seattle in Seattle, plus Friday Harbor House in the San Juan Islands.

10 Photos of the Cook Islands That Will Make You Want to Drop Everything and Buy a Plane Ticket
Fodor's Travel, March 2018
Photos and Text Behold the beauty of the under-the-radar South Pacific country. A longtime honeymoon hotspot, The Cook Islands has travelers swooning over its outdoor adventures and Polynesian traditions.

What Does Legalized Recreational Marijuana Mean for Your Health?
Photo: and

Nature + Nurture
Delta Sky, February 2018
These six destinations offer some of the most thrilling ways to get out into the great outdoors —and plenty of world-class relaxation as well.

Bubble Tea and Beyond
Discover South Lake Union magazine, February 2018
Text and photos: A new boba bar serves egg waffles, raindrop cakes, and on-trend drinks topped with salted cheese

Dive With Fighting Sharks
Scuba Diving Magazine, January 2018
Northwestern Yap’s Vertigo site attracts reef sharks: mostly greys with a sprinkling of whitetips and blacktips. Lean and scarred, they scythe toward the chumsicle. I've never seen sharks this beat up. They look like they've been rumbling with the Jets daily — in a knife-fight way, not a fun dance battle one.

Perfect Zen
Robb Report, January 2018
Text and two photos: A new cruise takes passengers on a poetic pilgrimage through the watercolored wonders of western Japan.

The center
                  spread of the "Perfect Zen" story on Japan
                  in Robb Report's January 2018 issue

Bushman Plains

The Telegraph, January 3, 2018
The first safari camp owned by the Botswanan Bushmen, this warm, welcoming property reunites hunter-gatherers with their ancestral lands along the Okavango Delta. Here mankind's ultimate survivalists apply their exceptional tracking skills to off-road game drives in a barely touristed private concession area.

Afar Seattle
As the magazine's local expert, I celebrated my city's top attractions and restaurants, and wrote slideshows on its culture, dining and outdoor activities. I'll be expanding this content — and adding in event coverage — through 2020.

Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Spa
The Telegraph, December 20, 2017
Fun and funky, this Paradise Valley resort sits on 23 desert acres facing Camelback, an iconic peak of granite and scarlet sandstone. The minimalist mid-century architecture is pure Atomic Era – think Santa Fe meets Palm Springs – and the decor fabulously follows suit, drawing on local talent.

Other recent Telegraph reviews include the Ace, Alexis and Monaco in Seattle, along with Wellspring near Mount Rainier, Hawaii's Four Seasons Resort Oahu and Canada's
Fairmont Banff Springs.

Kalaloch Lodge,
The Telegraph, November 10, 2017
Savour the views, sunset and spectacular winter storms at this seaside retreat in the Olympic National Park. Amid the rainforest celebrated by the Twilight series, this rustic lodge and its cabins overlook a wilderness beach, perfect for strolls, tidepooling, and watching birds and whales

Sweeping Success
MorningCalm, Korea Air's in-flight, November 2017
Photos & text: Curling is gaining in popularity with each passing Winter Olympics.
As “chess on ice” takes off worldwide, the sport’s greatest player shares his secrets with aspiring young curlers at his elite academy.

A MorningCalm
                  magazine spread of two boy curlers frantically
                  sweeping the ice

The Afar Guide to Oahu
Afar, September 2017
Text and some photos: Forget your grandmaw's tiki bars and all-inclusives. Oahu is on the rise, as Honolulu's hip urban scene mingles with the continued revival of ancient Hawaiian culture. AFAR let me dive deep for this guide... right down to 100 feet in a submarine!

Afar Hawaii
As the magazine's expert, I reviewed 60 attractions and restaurants, and wrote slideshows on its culture, beaches and outdoor adventures. I'll be expanding this content — and adding in event coverage — through 2019.

This $10 Accessory Will Stop Your Cat Killing Wild Birds
Rodale Organic Life, August 2017
Rescued an Outdoor Cat? Protect Birds with a Clown Scrunchie

Spain Sizzles for groups with outdoor adventures
Meetings Today, July 2017
Spain has a proverb—“piedra sin agua no aguza en la fragua”—commonly translated as “if you don’t do anything, nothing will come to you.” Where better to apply this wisdom for MICE travelers than in the casual, off-hours networking that happens during outdoor activities?

Realiza una Gira por la Cuenca del Pacifico
Delta Sky, July 2017
Seattle el la ciudad perfecta para explorar la diversidad de estas culturas.

Tee Off
Visit Seattle, Summer/Fall 2017
Family-friendly, pro-worthy and even boozy golf scenes can be found in the Emerald City (p34)

Cycle the City
Visit Seattle, Summer/Fall 2017
Get to know Seattle on two wheels from bike tours to competitions and more (p34)

Downtown and the Waterfront
Visit Seattle, Summer/Fall 2017 (p58 and 61)

Columbia Gorge & Southwest
Washington State Wine Tour Guide 2017 (p53)
Sips and sights abound where Washington meets the mighty Columbia

The Tropical Resort That Is the Caribbean’s Best-Kept Secret
Robb Report, May 2017
The incognito oasis is nestled within the rainforest of Dominica…

The Afar Guide to Dominica
Afar, January 2017
Go soon, while the spectacular trails, dive sites, and waterfall grottoes of Dominica ("Dom-in-EEK-a") remain uncrowded!

The Best Coastal State Parks in Washington
Coastal Living, January 2017
More than 3,000 miles of shoreline infuse Washington State’s coastline with saltwater, from the mighty Pacific to the inland ocean of Puget Sound. Discover Washington's top 15 state parks on the coast, where the sea marries the sky, often against a spectacular backdrop of snow-gilded mountains!

The Best Coastal State Parks in California
Coastal Living, January 2017
From sunny, southern surf breaks to coast redwoods towering in the mist, the Golden State's 840 miles of coastline can suit any mood. Start California Dreamin' about these 15 stunning state parks.

The Best Coastal State Parks in Oregon
Coastal Living, January 2017
In lands where the broad shorelines were easier passed than craggy headlands, Oregon has always embraced its beaches as highways—literally!—and freely accessible to all. These are the best state parks along 362 spectacular miles of “The People’s Coast.”

Somebody’s Nonna: Sharing Space and Time With Seatmates
APEX Experience Magazine, winter 2016
My essay on holiday travel and compassion fatigue kicked off Afar's Good Reads column for 2017!

The Most Silent Night
Sierra Magazine, Nov/Dec 2016
Tread softly in the Olympic National Park's Hoh Rainforest, the most pristine soundscape in the continental United States.

What's Your Seattle Holiday Adventure?
Visit Seattle, winter 2016
I created itineraries to explore being naughty and nice, as well as ones focusing on land, water and the outdoors

Nature and Nurture
USA Today Go Escape Magazine, winter 2016
Art Imitates – And Encourages – Life at Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park

Dan Savage's Seattle
USA Today Go Escape Magazine, winter 2016
The Emerald City's cheeky columnist-in-chief and his husband Terry Miller sparked the It Gets Better Project, a worldwide movement encouraging LGBT youth to overcome bullying.

Various US, Canadian, Greek and South Pacific guides
AFAR/Holland America

Washington Talking Book and Braille Library
Discover South Lake Union, winter 2016

Wired For Sound
Discover South Lake Union, winter 2016

Signal Boxes and Snap Judgement
Discover South Lake Union, winter 2016

Go Play: A Travel Writer's Last Request
Sierra Magazine: August 12, 2016
Edward Readicker-Henderson (1963–2016) wants you to get off your lawn

Island Exploration
Visit Seattle Summer/Fall 2016
Puget Sound forms a 1,020-square-mile playground for outdoor adventurers. Narrow down your plans with these four top getaways from the city (p36)

Native Beauty
Visit Seattle Summer/Fall 2016
Named after the Duwamish chief Sealth, Seattle has deep native roots dating back 10,000 years. Discover where to celebrate the city’s first peoples and original culture at longhouses, museums and more (p27)

Pioneer Square
Visit Seattle Summer/Fall 2016
The city’s original downtown is booming once more (p64)

International District
Visit Seattle Summer/Fall 2016
From hot pots to pinball and hip-hop, this downtown district teems with culture—especially from Asia and the Pacific (p67)

Sea to Sky
Delta Sky, May 2016
Whether its via land, lake, sea or slope, adventures abound in Seattle’s big, beautiful backyard. (Web version)

See And Be Seen
Discover South Lake Union, Summer/Fall 2016 (print)
Cornish College of the Arts returns to its open-door, community-hub roots.

Photo Ops
Discover South Lake Union, Summer/Fall 2016 (print)
Photo-worthy spots in SLU, plus tips from Glazer's Camera on how to capture them

Natural Palette
Discover South Lake Union, Summer/Fall 2016 (print)
Local designers lean into neutral tones.

Our Sierra Nirvana
Daily Mail, May 29, 2016
Photo for Anna Melville-James' piece "Shunning the high-rise resorts of the Costa del Sol in favor of a luxury mountain hideaway" 

King Fisher
Robb Report, May 2016
Steamboat Bay Fishing Club hooks guests on the wilds of Alaska

Photo Worthy
Washington State Visitors Guide 2016
From fog-shrouded rainforests to high-desert waterfalls, Washington captivates snap-happy travelers.

Indigenous Beauty
Washington State Visitors Guide 2016

Dive into the lasting legacy of the state's first peoples.

Guides to the North Central and Northeast areas
Washington State Visitors Guide 2016

Just Desserts
Discover South Lake Union, April 20, 2016
Text & photos: Dare to be decadent with SLU's top sweets

Nature And Nurture Unite In The Wild West
Journey, Jan/Feb 2016

Researchers Invent Reusable Netting To Clean Oil Spills
Sport Diver, February 2016
Scientists have invented a stainless steel mesh, which — scaled up — could separate oil and water for less than $1 per square foot.

Solomon Islands Hawksbill Sea Turtle Population Bounces Back
Sport Diver, February 2016
After 150 years of exploitation, the Solomon Islands nearly killed off its sea turtle population. Today, according to a new Plos One study, the nests have doubled, making this the first known recovery for a western Pacific hawksbill rookery.

Spokane & Pullman
Washington Wine Tour Guide 2016
Discover prime sips in the bustling cities and rolling hills of the Inland Empire

Destination Date Night
Discover South Lake Union, February 3, 2016
Text & photos: Surprise your special someone in SLU

Governing Bodies Work to Ban Microbeads Worldwide
Sport Diver: February 2016
Worldwide, the race is on to ban microbeads, the exfoliating plastic found in body washes and whitening toothpastes. These miniature spheres of polyethylene — small as grains of sand — slip right through the filters in wastewater plants. Washed down the drain, the tiny material can’t be recycled — and might take hundreds of years to completely degrade, if ever.

Researchers Discover Specimens of Rare Frogfish in Australia's Botany Bay
Sport Diver: February 2016
In 1980, a student collected a rare frogfish in Australia’s Botany Bay, but the sole specimen disappeared. Now University of Washington researchers have bagged three samples, confirming a new species and a new genus — an uncommon discovery.

Go Big Or Go Home
Travelgirl Magazine, winter 2015
Text & photos: Adventures To Amp Up 2016 (Whether You Wander Or Stay Grounded)

Keep your resolutions at these SLU fitness hotspots
Discover South Lake Union, Jan 2, 2016
Text & photos: The New Year seems to inspire our dreams and none carry as much weight as getting in shape, it turns out.

The Continent's Sweetest Stormwatching Destinations
USA Today's 10 Best: December 24, 2015
Text & photos: North America's top places to embrace the elements

Hush Now: The World's Most Silent Spaces
USA Today's 10 Best: December 1, 2015
Text & photos: Ten places to escape human noise

The Cook Islands: Not Just For Lovers
Travelgirl Magazine, November 2015
Test & photos: This marriage and honeymoon hotspot has just as many wetsuits as wedding dresses... maybe even more.

Multicultural Seattle
Visit Seattle, winter 2015
From lutefisk to luchadores, diverse traditions come together in the cosmopolitan Pacific Northwest (p21–25)

Thanksgiving Treats
Discover South Lake Union, November 2015

Text & photos: Fall flavors, cooking classes, and more

Child's Play
Discover South Lake Union, October 2015
Text & photos: Family friendly fun in South Lake Union

Game Day in SLU
Discover South Lake Union, October 2015
Text & photos: From Customized Sound to Cheddar Mini Pretzels

Marine Conservation: Save the Puffins
Sport Diver: September 2015
Graceful in water, puffins tend to trip over their safety-cone-orange feet while waddling on land. Worse, their chicks can be pulled off-course by artificial lighting while making their first journey to open ocean. Lost pufflings often circle until they grow dehydrated, which inhibits their ability to fly — and then many fall prey to gulls, cats and cars. Enter the Puffin Patrol, a conservation group on the southern shore of Newfoundland, Canada.

Into the Blue: The 10 Strangest Snorkeling Spots
USA Today 10 Best, September 2015
Text & some photos: Most snorkelers start with bright fish and tropical coral. But a mask and fins can open up far more unusual vistas too. From ancient flooded villas to bio-luminescent bays, here are ten surprising places to make a splash!

Theme Cruises: Dos and Don'ts
Cruise Critic, Autumn 2015
Theme cruises range from a light veneer of programming to all-in buyouts of the ship. Regardless of which route you chose, make sure your manners are beyond reproach with our top 10 etiquette tips.

Crown Princess Review
Cruise Critic, Autumn 2015

Coffee Craze
Discover South Lake Union, September 2015
Text & Photos: South Lake Union offers a plethora of options for caffeine consumption.

Streetcar Crawl
Discover South Lake Union, September 2015
Text & Photos: “Ding, ding!” The South Lake Union Streetcar snakes through traffic, warning overconfident pedestrians. Inside, passengers read and gaze out the windows: calm, cool and collected despite the bustle of Amazon’s much-lauded “urban campus” set among one of the city’s fastest-growing neighborhoods.

Saving A Picture-Perfect Americana
BBC Travel: August 10, 2015
Text and photos: Photographers are flocking to this threatened terrain in the US northwest, drawn by the iconic red barns, hypnotic rolling hills and scoured lava outcrops.

Water World
Discover South Lake Union: August 2015
Lake Union teems with activity from paddleboards to yachts and floatplanes. And small wonder, since this 580-acre aquatic playground unfurls views of the skyline, Space Needle, and the rusted, industrial splendor of Gas Works Park.

Seeds of Greatness
Discover South Lake Union: August 2015
A new community hub has blossomed within sight of the Space Needle. The Terry Avenue Saturday Market has been transforming the blocks between Thomas and John Streets since its early June debut. Now a pedestrian-only area from 10am to 3pm, it packs in stalls selling everything from produce to organic soda pop and Pacific-Oak-scented soy candles.

Iconic Eateries
Visit Seattle summer/fall 2015
Seattleites like to play hard and then toast their triumphs with gourmet food and drink. Discover some classic stops that capture the spirit of the Northwest. I also covered SoDo, Georgetown and Columbia City for that issue.

Social Media Detects Sea Star Wasting Syndrome
Sport Diver, August 2015
First the sunflower stars melted, then the SpongeBobby ocher sea stars. "Arms were falling off," says Laura James, a Seattle diver. The filmmaker captured some of the first footage documenting sea star wasting syndrome in late 2013. Soon, horror stories echoed from Baja to Alaska's farthest islands, as history's largest marine-disease outbreak hit 20 West Coast species.

Last-minute Vacations For Sober Travelers August 10, 2015
Sometimes “getting away from it all” needs to include alcohol and substances, especially for the 23.5 million adults in recovery. Fortunately, more travel companies than ever are catering to sober vacationers, with everything from yoga retreats and camping trips to deluxe South American adventures.

The Magic Of Horse Whispering
Travelgirl Magazine, summer 2015
Text and photos: A saguaro cactus — all spines and creamy blooms — swerves into view, alarmingly close. Chester the quarter horse seems about to take a knee. And I’m facing some unique, but very unwelcome, facial piercings...

Q&A With Warren Moon on a Seattle Seahawks Football Cruise
Cruise Critic: July 15, 2015
Text and photos: Warren Moon – the first black quarterback elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame – was undoubtedly the highlight of Princess's Seattle Seahawks cruise. And while many considered it “a dream” to meet this legendary quarterback, Moon saw nothing but polite behavior from “the 12s,” as the NFL team’s notoriously loud and passionate fans are called.

5 Cool Things about a Seattle Seahawks Football Cruise with the 12s
Cruise Critic: June 30, 2015
Text and photos: The 12s – the notoriously loud and passionate fans of the Seattle Seahawks – made waves this week, as Princess hosted its first cruise for the Emerald City’s football fans.

Sailing into Polynesia’s heart by cargo ship
Travelgirl Magazine, spring 2015
Text and photos: The Aranui moves purposefully among the islands, but I’m adrift. Seven years out of a catastrophic marriage, I still apologize to cupboard doors when I slam them too hard. It’s tedious — for me and for the love of my life, a wonderful man who doesn’t deserve this inheritance of mistrust and uncertainty.

Phenomenal Fiji: Yasawa
Travelgirl Magazine, spring 2015
I’ve flown to the Yasawa Islands—75 miles north of the capital, Nadi—in search of Blue Lagoon vistas. Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins filmed much of their 1980 classic among these turquoise coves fringed in coconut palms and sugar-white sand. Like many Gen-Xers, I longed to run through the surf with a hibiscus tucked behind my ear.

You Might Like Emerald Waterways If...
Cruise Critic, June 11, 2015
With bold and modern designs, Emerald appeals to young cruisers and travelers looking for moderately priced, all-inclusive journeys along the Rhine, Danube and other European rivers.

Art & Americana
Washington State Visitors Guide 2015
A peace winds through the Palouse: a rare balance between the earth and its inhabitants—and the photographers lucky enough to capture this moment in time.

Historic Discovery
Washington State Visitors Guide 2015
Sunlight streams through stained glass, flashing as the cherry-red paddlewheel spins. And the American Empress—the largest overnight riverboat west of the Mississippi—eases passengers through the Pacific Northwest.

The Southeast
Washington State Visitors Guide 2015
Three pieces: Small Towns, From Buttes to Bucolic Scenery and Six Side Trips

Art of the Strange
Travel Tacoma 2015

Grasscar, Burlesque Zombies And The Mega-Mall Of Little Free Libraries

Brew-Collar Tacoma
Travel Tacoma 2015
The City of Destiny has re-united its two greatest superpowers—art and beer.

Spokane & Pullman
Washington State Wine 2015
Tasting rooms rise among the big buttes, the rolling Palouse, and the state's second-largest city

Industrial Turns Trendy In Two Seattle Neighborhoods (SoDo, Georgetown)
Visit Seattle, spring 2015

Tree to Sea: Glamping in the South Sound
Travel Tacoma 2015
From swaying in the breeze to rocking on the waves, here are six reservations to restore your sense of wonder around Tacoma.

Hidden Bellevue
Visit Bellevue 2015
Going beyond the glitz, from ramen to free films and a salmon run and electric cars (p24-30)

The quietest place in the US
BBC Travel, January 15, 2015
Text and photos: Natural noises flow undisturbed by humans for quarter-hour stretches here. In fact, the park ranks first among the last dozen places like this in the continental United States. Nowhere in Europe does quiet – the undisturbed heartbeat of the land and its animals – still reign to such an extent. Activists are now pushing to make the Hoh the world’s first quiet zone, the sonic equivalent of a Dark Sky Reserve, by the park system’s centennial in 2016.

Creative Outlets
Visit Seattle, winter 2014 (page 48)

Stairway Walks
Visit Seattle, winter 2014 (page 13)

Chasing Waterfalls
Visit Seattle, winter 2014 (page 36)
Just east of the city, rugged mountains cradle one of Lower 48’s most intact wildlands. Get out and discover the abundant and spectacular waterfalls—fed by 519 glaciers—that give the Cascade range its name.

The Lion’s Share: Can travelers, herdsmen and big cats coexist in the Maasai Mara?
Travelgirl Magazine, Winter 2014
Text and photos: Suddenly a bald tribesman rises up from the seemingly flat earth in front of our vehicle. His long limbs unfold from a three-inch depression… Then I notice the short spear and the other dozen warriors, clad in the scarlet-and-royal-blue plaid togas of the Maasai, who materialize from invisible crannies in the grassland. We had interrupted a lion hunt.

Tipple The Mountains
Washington State Visitors Guide 2014
Washington’s wilderness encourages travelers to play hard – and relax later with the same vigor. Luckily, artisanal breweries and distilleries have taken the Cascades by storm and introduced flavors compelling as any ski slope or Class IV rapid.

Art & Craft
Washington State Visitors Guide 2014
The South Sound’s “legacy of honest hard work” resonates in every sip from Wingman Brewers, a 2011-start-up that’s already upgraded to a taproom across from the Tacoma Dome Station... Its logo, a pin-up girl behind an airplane gauge, keeps alive the area’s can-do spirit: celebrating the intersection of art and practical wizardry.

Eyeball to eyeball with Canada’s migrating salmon
BBC Travel, November 2, 2014
My brain froze as I submerged into the cold water of British Columbia’s Shuswap Lake. But the discomfort paled as I watched sockeye salmon – hundreds of cherry-tinted fish with moss-green heads – swirl overhead like a kaleidoscope. At the end of an epic 4,000km journey, they were waiting to swim the final leg upstream to spawn and die.

The iPad Aquatic
Sport Diver, Nov/Dec 2014
Feel naked without your tablet? Never fear: it can come along on your next dive, thanks to a new housing by iDive, which inflates a thin, flexible bubble over your touchscreen. Palouse
                      image by Amanda Castleman

Vanishing Barns On The Backroads
Travelgirl Magazine, autumn 2014
This marriage of art and Americana may be headed for hard times. The Palouse’s beloved, historic barns are succumbing to age, weather and upgrades such as metal siding: practical, but not so picturesque. Expensive renovations can cause farmers to flinch — a new roof can cost $50,000. So when up-cycling companies bid on the distressed timbers for bars and restaurants, it’s hard not to sell out. (Full PDF)

Olympic National Park: Disconnect from the world (photos)
USA Today, November 5, 2014
I contributed images of a twilight dining room and Northwest-style beach bonfire to my friend Susan Busby Barnes' coverage.

Contraband Cuisine: Why Pork May Be the Number One Threat to American Borders
Bon Appetit, October 2014
Pigs always make customs officer Chris R. Richards’s blood run cold. He can confiscate bush meat, $5,000 bird nests—even grave dirt—without much drama. But anything involving pork tends to get heated…and to skid quickly toward combustion. “Take away their ham, and people shout, bang the table, and throw things," he says.

Sink Your Teeth Into Bear Claw Lodge (photos), September 14, 2015

Stargaze With A Singing Astronaut

Travelgirl Magazine, Summer 2014 (text and one photo)
Power down and look up this autumn, as the Dark Sky Festival returns to Jasper, Alberta, from October 17–26th.

Northern delights: Exploring B.C.'s Kispiox Valley (photos)
North Shore News, August 31, 2014

Earth & Elegance
Travelgirl Magazine, Summer 2014 (photos and text)
Willamette Valley has been giving California a run for its money on many fronts, from soft adventures to gourmet, locavore dining and award-sweeping wines that balance fruit with foresty flavors. The Allison Inn & Spa, opened five years ago, brought the area its first destination hotel, which has now been paired with a landmark tasting room at Sokol Blosser.

Dinner And A Show

Visit Seattle, Summer 2014
Cover Story: Seattle has unpacked the dinner-and-a-show idea like a carful of clowns… From art to board games and cooking classes, venues across town have added twofer-twists to lure in patrons.

Selfies in Seattle
Visit Seattle, Summer 2014
Experts may debate the trend— Narcissism? Nostalgia? A stand against the relentless march of time?—but it’s clearly here to stay. So we’ve tracked down the best vantages in Seattle for picture-perfect memories.

Craft Curated, No Booze
Visit Seattle, Summer 2014
Forget soda and bitters. Shelve the Shirley Temples. Low- and no-alcohol craft drinks have burst onto the Seattle scene.

Diving In. Water covers seventy percent of the world: don’t miss out
Visa Black Card Magazine, Summer 2014
A 16-page spread: Somersault off the boat, into the blue. Drift down to the wreck or the reef. Or maybe towards some rock formations, sculpted long before a cavern flooded. The slightest kick sends your shadow gliding across the bottom. A whisper of  breath buoys you up, chasing a flash of color. Immersed, you hover, freed from the gravity and worries of the surface...

25 Exotic Escapes
Islands Magazine, February 2014
Taiwan: Bullet-train south to Sun Moon Lake for the country’s best tea-braised eggs. Mist often fades the mountains there: scenes delicate as Asian watercolors. Then continue to Fo Guang Shan Monastery, where a 132-foot gold statue presides over a relic (Buddha’s tooth) and the planet’s only vegetarian 7-Eleven.

Where Rails Meet Sails
Travel Tacoma 2014
Tap into the Tacoma’s blue-collar heritage, as it grows into its next evolution. The city may be a little hipper and more crowded with lofts, but the same bright artisanal spirit shines through…

Beverage Buzz
Travel Tacoma 2014
Modern mixology has finally arrived on the non-alcoholic beverage scene in force.

The 11 Wonders of Tacoma
Travel Tacoma 2014
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Murray Morgan Bridge, the city voted on its top attractions last year. Check out the most glorious—and curious—sights Tacoma has to offer.

One-Stop Shop
Visit Seattle, Winter 2014
Over the last few years, mercantiles have sprung up around Seattle, harkening back to the straightforward shopping of frontier towns. Denim crowds shelves beside tools, apothecary potions and hand-forged foods.

Funky Fremont

Visit Seattle, Winter 2014
The seven-ton Statue of Vladimir Lenin best sums up Fremont. Unless you hit this free-spirited neighborhood around the summer solstice, when hundreds of naked, body-painted cyclists kick off its human-powered parade. That’s always an eye-opener, even for the locals who pack the sidewalks, cheering for freewheeling unicorns, skeletons and Stormtroopers – and, of course, the two-day Fremont Fair.

From Burqas to Burlesque: Columbia City

Visit Seattle, Winter 2014
One America’s most diverse zip codes wraps around Columbia City: 98118. Proud residents like to call this historic district a “neighborhood of nations."

Georgetown: Industrial-Bohemian Chic
Visit Seattle, Winter 2014
Expect to see arty singles and employed beatniks rattling around on scooters in this district, bounded by Boeing Field, Interstate 5 and the Duwamish River.

Village Greens
Visit Bellevue 2014
Tech tycoons have built Bellevue into a city of skyscrapers, glittering brightly as a circuit board. But look beyond the mirrored glass, where green spaces recharge visitors’ batteries, including the Downtown Park, which turns 30 next year.

Seattle in 2,000 Calories
Cooking Light, January 2014
Travel Seattle, Washington in about 2,000 calories and 10,000 steps and learn the pockets of the city filled with unique dining and scenic views.

5 Hotels That Pamper And Pay It Forward
Travelgirl Magazine, winter 2013
Text and images: Pack your bags in the name of philanthropy, and book a getaway to somewhere generous this holiday season.

In Pictures: Happy 50th Birthday, Dear Kenya
Yahoo, December 12, 2013
A slideshow of my images from the Maasai Mara, Samburu and Diani Beach on the coast.

Live & Learn

GEICO Now, autumn 2014
Bring a sense of adventure and discovery to your next vacation with workshops that stretch your skills, from the kitchen to the corral and even the circus tent.

Daily Destination: Grenada
Yahoo, October 25, 2013

Image to accompany Christy Karras's story.

Daily Destination: Willamette Valley wine country, Oregon
Yahoo, October 21, 2013
Image to accompany Christy Karras's story.

From lions to luxury, a Kenyan safari like no other
New York Daily News, July 4, 2013
Images to accompany Baz Dresinger's story on East Africa

Hop Wild And Artisanal Too

Travel Tacoma 2013
Cover story: Pint-sized producers like Elk Head are sprouting up quicker than moss on Northwest wood siding. “Beer-passionate Americans are opening breweries faster than at any time since Prohibition ended,” says the Brewers Association Director Paul Gatza. “There is nearly a new brewery every day of the year.”

Glass Workout
Travel Tacoma 2013
Molten silica wraps around the pipe, glowing golden from the 2,000-degree furnace. “Now blow,” says Artist Brian Farmer. “Just a puff. The heat will expand the air.”

Heart of Glass
Travel Tacoma 2013
Dale Chihuly – the golden boy of glass – has seeded his hometown with public-access sculptures, from the iconic Bridge of Glass to the 22-foot spring-green chandelier at The Tacoma News Tribune.

Florida Beach Body
Travelgirl Magazine, Summer 2013
Morning light washes over champagne-colored sands as Lt. Colonel Bob Weinstein barks at his squad. “Lunges! Burpees! Jumping jacks!” Some recruits grimace, but nobody sasses the former codebreaker and Cold Warrior. Fitness fans have assembled on this Florida beach for a taste of bootcamp. And no one wants to be the fresh meat that can’t make the grade

Around Puget Sound
Alaska Airlines Magazine, June 2013
Immerse In Signature Experiences From Eagle-spotting To A Culinary Summer Camp And The West Coast’s Largest Wheel

The Charms of Chobe
Travelgirl Magazine, Spring 2013
The hungry, hungry hippos come out at night. They wallow up from the mud, near the source of the White Nile in Uganda, and graze the lawns of Chobe Safari Lodge.

See Summer Stock on Granite Cliffs at England’s Minack Theatre
Yahoo: May 17, 2013
One of the world’s most dramatic open-air entertainment venues sprang back into action this week. At The Minack Theatre, arches frame an ocean backdrop just three miles from Land’s End, mainland England’s westernmost point.

Where to see the world’s most beautiful sunsets
MSN, May 15, 2013
As the stars wheel into place, the sun often rallies for one last blaze of glory. From the African savanna to a remote Polynesian island, here are 10 prime places to salute the end of day.

The world's most spectacular sunrises
MSN, May 14, 2013
Daybreak offers a fresh start — and often a sublime experience. From a Namibian desert to a glittering cityscape in Taipei, here are 10 sunrises that can rekindle your spirit.

Don’t Panic: Towel Day and Britain’s Sci-Fi Festival Scene
Yahoo, May 9, 2013
Brits may have deep historical roots, but many of them just can’t stop looking at the stars.

Look for Loch Ness Monster as Nessie Craze Turns 80
Yahoo: April 30, 2013
The Loch Ness Monster resurfaced 80 years ago this week, when a woman spotted “a beast” rolling and plunging in Britain’s largest body of fresh water. The Inverness Chronicle published the account on May 2, 1933, sparking an enduring mystery and now more than $90 million each year from tourism.

The Zen of Cruising New Zealand
Travelgirl Magazine, Spring 2013
Text and images: Not every journey needs hardship to have meaning. In fact, seafarers have more often sought out good luck and still harbors. I grip my greenstone fishhook pendant, a gift from a Kiwi friend. Hei matau, the Maoris call it. A symbol of safe passage across water.

PancakeBot to Dazzle Dress: Britain’s Maker Faire
Yahoo, April 26, 2013
Reflective haute couture and pancakes custom drawn by a LEGO machine are among the oddities taking over Newcastle, England, this weekend during the Maker Faire UK, an annual two-day festival of creativity.

High Five
Washington State Visitors Guide, 2013
Mount Rainier—the Lower 48’s most glaciated peak —looms large … and not just because of its 14,410-ft height or starring role on Washington license plates. Here are seven ways to experience a sense of wonder on and around its slopes.

Seeking Sasquatch
Washington State Visitors Guide, 2013
Fascinated by Northwest legends, I’ve tagged along with investigators from the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO). Only true believers brave the freeze, unlike the summer expeditions open to the public. So when these “squatchers” whoop and drum on trees near Morton, WA, they’re braced for one of the state’s estimated 20,000 man-apes to respond.

Misty Mountain
Washington State Visitors Guide, 2013
As Mount St. Helens recovers from its cataclysmic 1980 eruption, the landscape shifts like a kaleidoscope... This “living laboratory” has become the world’s most studied volcano. But the evolution and innovation don’t stop with Mother Nature.

That's Hot (Shop)
Washington State Visitors Guide, 2013
Italy may have elevated glass to high art, but these days, Washington is keeping it there. In fact, Puget Sound alone has more hot shops than all of Murano, Venice’s glass-making epicenter.

Real-life British History and Locations Behind ‘Game of Thrones’
Yahoo, March 27, 2013
“Game of Thrones” swoops back onto screens March 31 like a marauding dragon. HBO’s hit series based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling fantasy novels draws inspiration from British history and has filmed in locations across the UK, many of which are easy to visit.

Tail Graham Greene, Edgy Author and Spy, Across the UK
Yahoo, March 20, 2013
PBS is pulling back the curtain on one the 20th century’s most fascinating personalities: the British writer — and secret agent — Graham Greene.

The Cult of David Bowie: A New Hit Album and London’s Most Coveted Exhibition
Yahoo, March 21, 2013
David Bowie has broken orbit and crash-landed in the molten core of pop culture once again. First his top-secret comeback album crested the charts, hitting No 2 on the U.S. Billboard list (after fellow veteran Jon Bon Jovi’s “What About Now”) and No. 1 in the UK. And now fans are making an unprecedented run on the first international retrospective of the icon in London, his hometown.

Britain Welcomes Spring with Oddball Festivals and Quirky Competitions
Yahoo, March 7, 2013
Wife carrying. Cheese chasing. Eating 76 feet of stinging nettles in an hour. As the weather heats up, unusual events bloom like wildflowers across the UK.

Spiciest spots around the world
MSN, February 19, 2013
Nothing perks up the palate quite like chili, the fruit that sprang from South America to conquer the globe. Now it even heats up menus in space, as astronauts splash pepper sauce in orbit. Here are a dozen of the best destinations to get your burn on.

Go Locavore: one woman's quest for the 100-mile lifestyle
Bellevue Visitor's Guide, 2013
Like many Seattleites, I’d frequently swished past Bellevue on Interstate 90, intent on a Cascades playground or the high desert of eastern Washington. But once I bothered to stop, I discovered the homegrown secrets the micropolis has been harboring behind the haute couture, computer code and home prices worthy of Zillow fights. Let me introduce you to superlocal Bellevue.

Jane Austen’s England: Visit Bath as ‘Pride And Prejudice’ Turns 200
Yahoo, January 29, 2013
The first edition of Jane Austen’s “Pride And Prejudice” hit bookstore shelves two centuries ago this week. Since then, this quintessential novel has been spun into everything from a Bollywood flick to postage stamps, Jane Austen bandages and a Regency romance with ultra-violent zombie mayhem.

Season of the Brits: Could UK Talent Steal the Show at the Golden Globes?
Yahoo, January 11, 2013
A quiet and terribly orderly revolution could be underway as Brits stand poised to storm Hollywood’s 70th Golden Globes ceremony, which airs on January 13. British talent appears in just about every category and dominates the silver-screen best actress divisions.

Call Upon Highclere Castle, the Real ‘Downton Abbey’
Yahoo, January 6, 2013
The third season of “Downton Abbey” debuted on PBS on January 6, renewing interest in the series’ scandal-ridden Edwardian gentry and their staff.

The starriest skies in the world
MSN, December 28, 2012
Astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.” In the meantime, here are 12 of the planet’s best places to downshift and dream, while constellations shimmer against the darkness.

Whistler's Helicopter Hole-in-One
Travelgirl Magazine, December 2012
Trust British Columbia to improve golf’s “19th Hole” (what jokers call the bar). But the ice in question is more glacial than cubes in a cocktail. Adventurous players can now finish a round at Big Sky Golf and Country Club with some heli golf at Whistler-Blackcomb Ski Resort, host of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Take Me To Taos This Winter
Travelgirl Magazine, December 2012
As snow frosts the Sangre de Cristos Mountains, the streets of Taos, New Mexico, start to heat up. Candle-lit processions wind among the adobe buildings, while anise-and-nutmeg biscochitos (sugar cookies) scent the air and shoppers crowd the folk art galleries.

Salish Lodge's Sweetest Cure
Travelgirl Magazine, December 2012
Forty-five minutes east of Seattle, this iconic resort invites guests to try their hands at spa mixology, creating custom blends at its Scrub Bar.

Journey to England’s Original Middle-earth as ‘Hobbit’ Hits Theaters
Yahoo, December 13, 2012
Take a journey there and back again, through British landscapes that inspired one of our era's best-loved books — not to mention the epic film premiering this week: "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey."

Evergreen State Excursions
Alaska Airlines Magazine, December 2012
Washington’s beauty starts offshore, where orcas arrow past playful seals and Giant Pacific Octopuses. The sea splinters driftwood onto the cobbled coastline and dissolves into fog, twining through the temperate rainforest—our hemisphere’s biggest, in fact.

Scuba Dive an Underwater Gnome Garden in Britain’s Lake District
Yahoo, November 16, 2012
Far from any neatly trimmed lawns, a clan of gnomes lurks under the surface of England's deepest lake: Wastwater, in Cumbria.

Seattle 2.0
Acura Style Magazine, winter 2012
Despite its freewheeling Neverland vibe, Seattle has transformed itself from a frontier town into a cultural capital and innovation hub—rivaling even Silicon Valley for entrepreneurial oomph.

Sky Mall
Travelgirl Magazine, November 19, 2012
Taipei 101 – now the world’s tallest green building (LEED Platinum) – rockets up from Taiwan’s cityscape. This iconic skyscraper evokes an Asian pagoda with its ascending sections: eight in all – a number associated with abundance, prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture. What better place to shop, then?

Trump This!
Travelgirl Magazine, November 19, 2012
Like a shot of its gourmet coffee or a glimpse of its native jaguars, Panama perks up savvy travelers with its spicy stew of Spanish, indigenous and Afro-Caribbean traditions.

Going for the Guinness: Brits Push Limits on World Record Day
Yahoo, November 15, 2012
Pogo stick flips. The longest didgeridoo note. The fastest 100-meter dash on all fours. Be on the alert for the weird and wacky today as more than 420,000 people around the globe celebrate Guinness World Records Day.

Diaries, Biopic and Walking Paths in Wales Give Fans a New Look at Richard Burton
Yahoo, November 14, 2012
"They drink, they fight, they fornicate!" promises the preview for Liz & Dick, an upcoming Lifetime TV film. After years of legal trouble, Lindsay Lohan climbs back in the cinematic saddle as Elizabeth Taylor, chronicling the diva's stormy, steamy love for her colleague Richard Burton.

Cool Britannia: Pippa Joins Growing Ranks of British Lifestyle Gurus
Yahoo, October 30, 2012
Discover the UK’s glamorous it-girls of home advice, from Pippa and her new party book to the “queen of food porn” Nigella Lawson.

Dare to Explore the Lethal Landscaping of England’s Poison Garden
Yahoo, October 23, 2012
Skulls and crossbones bar the locked gates on Alnwick Castle's grounds, 35 miles north of Britain's Newcastle upon Tyne. "These plants can kill," signs warn. Don't be scared, though. Beyond lies a charitable trust — and one of North East England's biggest tourist attractions: The Poison Garden.<

Zombie Mall: Test Run for a Night of Living Dead
Yahoo, October 17, 2012
A growl. A rustle. The corpse twitches — and the race for survival is on! The town of Reading in England offers visitors practice for the undead apocalypse, just 30 minutes away from London's Paddington Station by train.

Bring the Bling: Blackpool and Other Flashy British Hotspots
Yahoo, October 2, 2012
Merchant Ivory films inform many travelers' notions of Merry Olde England. Castle turrets. Thatched villages. Guttersnipes and plummy aristocrats. But there's far more to the UK than Dickens and Downton Abbey. For some real-life razzle dazzle, look first to Blackpool, a seaside resort within a 75-minute drive of both Liverpool and Manchester. (See also the accompanying slideshow.)

Sneak Away for a Wild Celtic Fling at Scottish Highland Games
Yahoo, September 14, 2012
The Paralympics just wrapped up London's golden sporting season, but athletic feats are still going strong in the UK. Highland Games run through much of the year, celebrating Scottish and Celtic heritage. 

Don’t Blink! Find Doctor Who in Britain, Onscreen and Off
Yahoo, August 28, 2012
Doctor Who spins back to Earth this week with five webisodes before the September 1 season premiere. But he's easy to find beyond BBC America. Step through a crack in time — or space, at least — and explore some of the hero's haunts, as the world's longest running sci-fi series approaches its 50th anniversary in 2013.

5 Ways To Be Frigid In Alaska
Travelgirl, autumn 2012
Like many cheechakos (newbies to the north), I’d had a sort of Glacial Age impression of cold weather in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Come fall, the freeze descends, trapping musky hermits in a sheet of ice, right? Then the survivors huddle up with homebrew and sled dogs, gazing at Russia’s balmier shores like eagle-eyed Sarah Palin. I did not expect to swim. Outside. In September. Paddling the Inside Passage.

Quirky Britain Celebrates Olympics in Its Own Unique Way
Yahoo, August 9, 2012
The British have special places in their hearts for all things quirky, from "bubble-and-squeak" breakfast hash to the world's only Hedgehog Memorabilia Museum and the Official Monster Raving Loony political party founded by Screaming Lord Sutch. This genius has laced the London Summer Games from the opening ceremony...

Opening Ceremony to Barbican, Bond’s All Over Olympic London
Yahoo, July 26, 2012
Details remain top-secret for now, but plenty of ways exist to shake – not stir – up excitement about the MI6 agent, before the new Skyfall film on November 9th.

Britain by Water: Getting the Skinny on Narrowboats
Yahoo, July 11, 2012
Aquatic taxis aren't the only ones making a splash: Landlubbers can explore canals and rivers in floating restaurants, vacation rentals and even a bookstore, art gallery and puppet theater.

Curry, a Favorite British Dish, Is the Ultimate Superfood
Yahoo, June 26, 2012
Forget the traditional meat and two veg: Brits have developed a taste for spice — and it might be making them healthier.

Sleuthing Sherlock: On the Trail of the Most Filmed Character Ever
Yahoo, June 13, 2012
Guinness World Records just did a fine bit of detective work: Sherlock Holmes, it deduced, has more film and TV appearances than any other character.

Wales’ Path to Fame: Movies, Welly-Wanging and Royal Love Nest
Yahoo, June 4, 2012
Snow White is joining Robin Hood and Harry Potter as yet another Hollywood blockbuster showcases the dramatic coastline of Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Cars, Boats and Balloons: How to Chill Like Richard Branson
Yahoo, May 15, 2012
Virgin boss Richard Branson has found yet another way to get ahead: his face chiseled into ice cubes served to passengers in Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class cabin.

Hands-on Holidays
GEICO Now, spring 2012
Forget the classic "fly and flop" vacation. Why not embark on a trip that not only feels good, but also does good? From archeological digs to mapping marine life, opportunities abound for you and your family to make the world a better place while escaping your daily routine.

K Diamond K Boots For Guests

Wrangle On
A late autumn cattle drive at a North Cascades dude ranch
Washington State Visitors Guide 2012
Horses trot across the river bottomlands, heading toward a barn’s promise of hay. A brunette head bobs among them: a lanky runner keeping pace with the powerful animals. Then, Kathy McKay vaults onto a roan and, riding bareback, urges the horses toward the paddock of K-Diamond-K, the ranch her family owns.

Field and Stream: Skagit Valley
Washington State Visitors Guide 2012
A bald eagle rises from a tangle of bushes and blackberries. Controlled as a hovercraft, it inches upward. A smaller bird floats underneath. Then another. Soon, four eagles stack the sky like totem carvings as parents drill their fledglings on wing control.

Mountain High: North Cascades
Washington State Visitors Guide 2012
Mount Rainier's 35-square-mile snow cone dominates all of western Washington’s skyline. And the volcano’s 14,411-foot summit remains the most glaciated and prominent peak in the contiguous United States.

A Touch Is Worth A Thousand Words
Today's Chiropractic Lifestyle, March 2012
The rasp of a cat’s tongue; the eyelash flutter of a “butterfly” kiss; the pinch and burn of an ice cream headache. Touch is one of our most primitive and universal senses. All the way back to the first multicellular life forms—about 2.1 billion years ago—almost all animals have relied on their somatosensory (body-sensing) systems to navigate, find food and evaluate their surroundings.

SLIDESHOW: Taiwan’s Lunar New Year Celebrations End With Fiery Lantern Festival
Wandermelon magazine, February 2012
Hundreds of buttercup-bright lanterns squiggled into Taiwan’s night sky, each powered by tiny wax-burning lamps. The fragile bamboo-and-rice-paper balloons swayed and Taiwan Lantern Festivaldrifted as the heat – and the crowd’s sighs – carried away scrawled wishes for love, success and prosperity. Any worries just floated away, lovers kissed and seeded their dreams in the air and we all watched in wonder as the luckiest year of the Chinese Zodiac lifted off to a bright start.

The World's Last Sundowner Cocktail
Travelgirl magazine, December 2011
Just 20 miles east of the International Date Line, Samoa has been the sunset’s final outpost for 119 years. Raise a rum-filled coconut there and toast the era’s end, as the nation shifts time zones and loses its sundowner status.

SAMOA: Back to the Future
Waving goodbye to the last sunset on earth
Hemispheres, December 2011
For years, tourists flocked here to toast the twilight with rum-filled coconut drinks; some even came for second helpings of special birthdays or anniversaries (arrive from, say, Tonga, and it’ll be nearly a day before you left). Soon, though, Samoa will trade away that last sunset, hoping to better align its workweek with trading partners in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Unexpected Utah
Travelgirl Magazine
The Beehive State is mellowing its straight-laced, Mormon-settled vibe, showing its eccentric edge and pioneer pluck. Newly relaxed liquor laws encourage après ski celebrations. And – putting the cherry on top – Salt Lake City wraps up a $4.5bn revamp next year, anchored by 20-acre, walkable, sustainably designed community (

Guyana: Running Naked in Paradise
Travelgirl Magazine
From baby-cradle water lilies to stretch-limo river otters, South America’s only English-speaking country surprises. But can it push further – protecting its tropical rainforest and indigenous culture – with a clever carbon-offsetting plan? (Pretty PDF of the 8-page Guyana spread)

Utah Revival
Scuba Diving Magazine, July 2011
Among the hermits and speedracers of Bonneville’s salt flats, misfit fish thrive in desert hot springs

The (Real) Truth About Beauty

New Jersey Life, June/July 2011
Like it or not, our bodies influence status, sexuality, self-identity, and social encounters. Despite all our women’s lib and meditation about inner beauty, humans remain hard-wired for Felina lingerie, not femstaches. Anyone who bucks the trend should be prepared to ride out the reverb, from wooing, to the workplace, to places of worship.

Parting Shot: Samoan Porters
Outside Magazine, Summer 2011
Image by Amanda Castleman. Eliu and Tala haul luggage from the seaside fales – thatched villas – at Samoa’s Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa. The porters routinely carry bags this way, wearing traditional lava-lavas (sarongs). I only coaxed their T-shirts off and the “special occasion” coconut fronds on, then shot this running ahead of the duo. We all lucked into a memorable image.

Treasured Islands
Embracing the Samoan Way of Life
Alaskan Airlines Magazine, June 2011
Pigs, chickens and children amble across the tens roads of Samoa. That’s OK; even traffic moseys in this Polynesian archipelago. Its 193,000 inhabitants still fish and farm taro, despite their day jobs. And fales – the traditional thatched, open-air pavilions – front even the swankiest of modern homes. Fa’a Samoa (the Samoan way of life) flows unabated, although TVs and mobiles chime into the mix as the nation approaches its 50th anniversary in 2012.

California's Channel Islands National Park
Scuba Diving, April/May 2011
Sea lions torpedo past skeins of playful seals and kelp forests offshore from surfer-chic Santa Barbara. One of the eastern Pacific's most pristine ecosystems, the Channel Island National Park protects 200 square miles, renowned for isolated evolution, much like the Galapagos. The five islands protect the park system's highest concentration of endangered and endemic species. No wonder documentarian Ken Burns showcased the area.

Five Best Photo Opportunities in Scottsdale

AOL Travel, October 21, 2010
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright left his stamp on the Valley of the Sun. Conceptually, he urged developers not to stack buildings on the ridges – preserving sight lines – and favoring desert hues. And more concretely, he built his desert masterpiece, Taliesin West, a winter home, studio and architectural campus in the McDowell foothills of northwest Scottsdale. Today, visitors can experience firsthand his brilliant ability to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Five Best Photo Opportunities in Sedona
AOL Travel, October 19, 2010
A primal sea once flowed and retreated here, pancaking ancient sand dunes into layers of sedimentary stone, each a subtly different shade. Salmon. Ruby. Claret. Carnelian. Garnet. Magenta. This scenic overload leaves poets fumbling for words and photographers racing for tripods and filters.

Adventure Activities in Tucson – Try if You Dare
AOL Travel, October 19, 2010
Forget the Tootsie Roll center: in Tucson the crunch comes from arachnids in scorpion lollipops. Crablike in appearance, these desert dwellers have four legs, a pair of pincers and a long segmented tail with a stinger. In high doses their venom can be fatal to humans, but Chinese medicine treats rheumatism with small amounts.

Just don't be the sucker who gets hooked. Over in China, Li Liuqun bit the head off a huge live scorpion that stung him. It tasted so sweet and nutty, he's consumed at least 10,000 over the last three decades.

Sedona with Kids: A Perfect Family Day
AOL Travel, October 20, 2010
Anyone visiting Sedona with kids should keep them awake long enough for the stars to shine. The sky unfolds some of the brightest, clearest constellation views in the country. Evening Sky Tours can guide you through the cosmos from any dark spot in town. Professional astronomers point out spiral galaxies, space station passes and red super giants, among other sights. The cooler night air may not be muy caliente, but the experience will cap your family vacation in Sedona and burn forever in your family's memories.

Scottsdale with Kids: A Perfect Family Day
AOL Travel, October 20, 2010
Go haute. Go hardcore. But don't go home without trying those jalapeño biscuits!

Mighty Methow
Washington State Visitors Guide 2011
Wedged between the east flank of the Cascade Mountains and the sprawling 1.5-million-acre Okanogan National Forest, the Methow Valley (pronounced “MET-how”) boasts warm, dry summers and crisp, blue-skied winters.

Whale Tales
Washington State Visitors Guide 2011
Whales gather in the cool waters of Washington from roughly April to September. And the 170-odd islands of the San Juans offer prime spotting territory for orca, gray, minke, and humpback.

Tacoma – Destined for a Good Time
Washington State Visitors Guide 2011
In 1873, the Northern Pacific Railway declared its western terminus would be Tacoma, not Seattle, its confident neighbor 32 miles north. Flush with optimism, the town adopted the nickname “The City of Destiny.” Today, that sentiment rings truer than ever, as Tacoma barrels full-steam ahead, fueled by a modern light rail, worldclass museums, and a renovated downtown (

Seattle – Top Draw
Washington State Visitors Guide 2011
Be sure to head north of the city center to the Fremont neighborhood ( Once you’ve said hello to the eclectic mix of galleries, shops, and eateries, don’t forget to meet the area’s most beloved resident—the Fremont Troll, a whimsical two-ton concrete sculpture tucked beneath the Aurora Bridge.

Olympic Park – Wild Sights
Washington State Visitors Guide 2011
Inside the park, you’ll find the Northern Hemisphere’s largest temperate rain forest and the world’s largest wild herd of Roosevelt elk. Glacier-capped Mount Olympus rises nearly 8,000 feet, fringed by alpine meadows, forests, and 57 miles of pristine coastline.

Water Walks
Washington State Visitors Guide 2011
Washington boasts more than 160 miles of coastline, stretching from the Columbia River to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. And whether you’d prefer to catch waves, go for a hike, fly a kite, or just wiggle your toes in the sand, there’s a beach here with your name on it

San Juans – Island Spice
Washington State Visitors Guide 2011
Sheltered by the Olympic Mountains, the San Juan Islands sit in a “banana belt,” a sunny swath that receives just about half of Seattle’s average annual rainfall. The archipelago—just six miles from Vancouver Island—showcases the fact that the Northwest’s piercing beauty is often soaked in sun.

Water World
Washington State Visitors Guide 2011
Piratical Explorer Sir Francis Drake once described the Northwest as a land of “congealed rain.” And for outdoor types exploring Washington, all that moisture’s a fine thing. Miles of pristine coastline, powerful rivers, clear lakes, and tranquil bays all converge here, providing boundless opportunities to immerse yourself in an Evergreen State adventure.

Also in the Washington State Visitors Guide 2011: Roadtrip around Mount Rainier and Rafting: A Spill a Minute.

A Trip Back in Time: Discovering Your Roots
Next time vacation rolls around, blend something old and something new: Trace your family tree on the road.

Four Family Getaways for Frugal Fun
GEICO NOW online, Autumn
Even if you’re trying to tighten your purse strings, it’s important to let loose for a little family time. Here are a few budget-friendly options.

Urban Submersion: Sublime Seattle
Sport Diver, August 2010
Seattle has outgrown its ripped flannel, along with the rise of Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks and Microsoft. But America’s most educated city still heeds the call of the wild. For small talk, think snow pack and swell reports, not stock options

Winter of our Content
Seattle Bride, July 2010
From apres-ski aromatherapy to storm watching, and gray whale sightings to vineyard crawls on horseback, Northwest honeymooning shines in the cooler month.

Mountain Majesty
Washington State Visitors Guide 2010
From alpine meadows to Wild West towns, the North Cascades Highway covers a wealth of inland scenery. Highway 20 slaloms around mossy forests and lakes turquoise with glacial melt, then crests mountains that are bookended by granite massifs before stretching across Washington’s high desert.

Also in the Washington State Visitors Guide 2010: Cape Alava

Most Adrenalin: Palau's Ulong Channel
Sport Diver April 2010
My group unhooks and tumbles, blasted by the current. Trim is largely forgotten as limbs cartwheel, sometimes overlapping Twister-style. Everyone contorts further to glimpse the sea fans, giant clams (Tridacna gigas) and rare lettuce corals, some blooming 15-20 feet tall. Nesting triggerfish patrol their nests on the sandy bottom. One even lunges at a clumsy cameraman, teeth bared: Gotcha! As if this wild ride needed more adrenalin…

Near Microsoft headquarters, the U.S. opens it first internet-addiction clinic.
Sunday Express, September 6, 2009
The Sunday Express:
The facility – Heavensfield – lies 13 miles away from Microsoft's Redmond headquarters and about 28 from Seattle. The skyscrapers melt away, then even the mini-malls. The clinic's five acres are pure rural Pacific Northwest: windchimes scare deer from the organic garden, set among towering firs and moss-shrouded valleys.

Bagging Crowns
Yap's Latest Eco-efforts to Save a National Treasure
Sport Diver, September 2009
Spanning an area the size of the continental US, Micronesia encompasses 5 percent of the Pacific Ocean and contains 61 percent of the world's coral species. Yet some are under threat. Each Crown of Thorns sea star (COT) can devour a square yard of reef every day.

100 top American destinations
Capsule reviews of classic U.S. trips, from Route 66 to the National Cowboy Museum.

How Forks Got a Bite of Luck from Vampire Franchise
Sunday Express, July 19, 2009
The blockbusting Twilight series has given the kiss of life to a north-west American logging outpost. Foks, in Washington State, now welcomes more visitors some weeks than during previous years.

Flow State
Tapping the Subconscious Grace of Palau
Sport Diver, June 2009
Cover story: Hundreds of red snapper swirl like a galaxy, thick enough to block sunlight. For only three days each year, they gather in this fathomless deep to spawn during a full winter moon. I arc away from the reef, spindling toward the great ball of fish, enthralled. Buffalo stampeding. Locusts swarming. My mind fumbles for a sense of scale...





















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