More Fallout Over Greek Game Ban
Wired News: ATHENS -- The government is standing by its controversial law banning electronic games in public, which Greek judges consider unconstitutional. But the European Union has warned Greece: Drop it or get hauled into court for hampering the free movement of goods.

The iPad Aquatic
Sport Diver: Feel naked without your tablet? Never fear: it can come along on your next dive, thanks to a new housing by iDive, which inflates a thin, flexible bubble over your touchscreen.

PancakeBot to Dazzle Dress: Britain’s Maker Faire
Yahoo: Reflective haute couture and pancakes custom drawn by a LEGO machine are among the oddities taking over Newcastle, England, this weekend during the Maker Faire UK, an annual two-day festival of creativity.

The Sunday Express: The facility – Heavensfield – lies 13 miles away from Microsoft's Redmond headquarters and about 28 from Seattle. The skyscrapers melt away, then even the mini-malls. The clinic's five acres are pure rural Pacific Northwest: windchimes scare deer from the organic garden, set among towering firs and moss-shrouded valleys.

Spray away on the walls and the web
Italy Daily: Internet grafitti gallery has a preservationist role

Italian Firm's Dolce Music Deal
Wired News: ROME – Italian music website, Vitaminic, announced Friday that it is acquiring rival, based in London. The merger is hailed as a good omen for Italian companies, which more often are acquired (as opposed to acquiring others) in the global market.

Predicting the unpredictable
Oxford Mail: Neil Johnson has a sunny smile for each traffic jam. He doesn't see a queue of grumpy motorists, rather science in action. Of course, he may just have missed the snarl though, because the Oxford University physics lecturer is learning to foresee such random events.

Spray away on the walls and the web
Italy Daily: Internet grafitti gallery has a preservationist role

The kids
Oxford Times: flare on a disco ball, sending prisms across the London street. Inside the club, the crowd surges around the bar, which supports a bank of computers. This is New Media: young, insistent and flash.

Unsurprisingly, the champagne flutes are lifted to teenagers. The boys in the techno bubble are Nick Rose and Jordan Mayo, both 19 and students at Oxford University. Their study guide website,, launched this week, amid speculations of an e-commerce slump.

The Fine Art of Restoration
Wired: Bringing an old painting back to life has long been a touchy affair – and one that's as much about interpretation as restoration. But increasingly, art conservators are turning to high tech tools to analyze famous pieces, removing the guesswork.

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