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At the Seashore with Medea
A Marriage Unravels in Athens
Greece, A Love Story:
Plum shadows outline the Parthenon. This buttress of land, the art upon it – defying time and Turkish detonations – are so ancient. The moon even more so, a bruised apricot. My woes, suspended briefly between the two, have no weight.

Love in a Time of Abundance
Winner of a Lowell Thomas silver, cultural tourism
Grand Silver for Best Travel Writing from Travelers' Tales Solas Award
Hidden Compass: Navigating grief with the Okavango Delta’s last generation of Bushmen hunter-gatherers

Eyeball to eyeball with Canada’s migrating salmon
BBC Travel: My brain froze as I submerged into the cold water of British Columbia’s Shuswap Lake. But the discomfort paled as I watched sockeye salmon – hundreds of cherry-tinted fish with moss-green heads – swirl overhead like a kaleidoscope. At the end of an epic 4,000km journey, they were waiting to swim the final leg upstream to spawn and die.

In Pictures: Happy 50th Birthday, Dear Kenya
Yahoo: A slideshow of my images from the Maasai Mara, Samburu and Diani Beach.

Guyana: Running Naked in Paradise

Travelgirl Magazine, photos and text: From baby-cradle water lilies to stretch-limo river otters, South America’s only English-speaking country surprises. But can it push further – protecting its tropical rainforest and indigenous culture – with a clever carbon-offsetting plan? (Pretty PDF of the 8-page Guyana spread)


Tangled up in Wild Blue
Single State of the Union:
The ship slid from the dock, my dreams churning in its wake. I wanted so very badly to go, go, go, get gone from the tulip fields, the silage and sleech of Skagit Valley.

Diving In. Water covers seventy percent of the world: don’t miss out
Visa Black Card Magazine: A 16-page spread: Somersault off the boat, into the blue. Drift down to the wreck or the reef. Or maybe towards some rock formations, sculpted long before a cavern flooded. The slightest kick sends your shadow gliding across the bottom. A whisper of  breath buoys you up, chasing a flash of color. Immersed, you hover, freed from the gravity and worries of the surface...

Contraband Cuisine: Why Pork May Be the Number One Threat to American Borders
Bon Appetit: Pigs always make customs officer Chris R. Richards’s blood run cold. He can confiscate bush meat, $5,000 bird nests—even grave dirt—without much drama. But anything involving pork tends to get heated…and to skid quickly toward combustion. “Take away their ham, and people shout, bang the table, and throw things," he says.

Earth & Elegance
Travelgirl Magazine: Willamette Valley has been giving California a run for its money on many fronts, from soft adventures to gourmet, locavore dining and award-sweeping wines that balance fruit with foresty flavors. The Allison Inn & Spa, opened five years ago, brought the area its first destination hotel, which has now been paired with a landmark tasting room at Sokol Blosser.

5 Hotels That Pamper And Pay It Forward
Travelgirl Magazine: Text and images: Pack your bags in the name of philanthropy, and book a getaway to somewhere generous this holiday season.

Live & Learn
GEICO Now: Bring a sense of adventure and discovery to your next vacation with workshops that stretch your skills, from the kitchen to the corral and even the circus tent.

Parting Shot: Samoan Porters
Outside Magazine: Image by Amanda Castleman. Eliu and Tala haul luggage from the seaside fales – thatched villas – at Samoa’s Coconuts Beach Club Resort & Spa. The porters routinely carry bags this way, wearing traditional lava-lavas (sarongs). I only coaxed their T-shirts off and the “special occasion” coconut fronds on, then shot this running ahead of the duo. We all lucked into a memorable image.

Petra, Jordan: A life in ruins
Road and Travel: Hooves tattoo down the Siq, that sinuous half-mile crack of canyon. Dusk drips down the walls. Gods squat in the shadows; ancient desert lords hacked into the scarlet sandstone. We cower, alone and forsaken.

Real-life British History and Locations Behind ‘Game of Thrones’
Yahoo: Game of Thrones swoops back onto screens March 31 like a marauding dragon. HBO’s hit series based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling fantasy novels draws inspiration from British history and has filmed in locations across the UK, many of which are easy to visit.

Seattle in 2,000 Calories
Cooking Light: Travel Seattle, Washington in about 2,000 calories and 10,000 steps and learn the pockets of the city filled with unique dining and scenic views.

Seeking Sasquatch
Washington State Visitors Guide: Fascinated by Northwest legends, I’ve tagged along with investigators from the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO). Only true believers brave the freeze, unlike the summer expeditions open to the public. So when these “squatchers” whoop and drum on trees near Morton, WA, they’re braced for one of the state’s estimated 20,000 man-apes to respond.

Vanishing Barns On The BackroadsPalouse
                      image by Amanda Castleman
Travelgirl Magazine (text and photos): This marriage of art and Americana may be headed for hard times. The Palouse’s beloved, historic barns are succumbing to age, weather and upgrades such as metal siding: practical, but not so picturesque. Expensive renovations can cause farmers to flinch — a new roof can cost $50,000. So when up-cycling companies bid on the distressed timbers for bars and restaurants, it’s hard not to sell out.

Croatia: Stone Cold Beauty
Road and Travel: After a breakup, some women binge on chocolate. Others buy shoes. I went to the Balkans: substituting wander for lust.

The starriest skies in the world
MSN: Astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “The sky calls to us. If we do not destroy ourselves, we will one day venture to the stars.” In the meantime, here are 12 of the planet’s best places to downshift and dream, while constellations shimmer against the darkness.

Village People
Salon Magazine: Ye Olde England still exists in all its imagined splendour – that is, if you overlook the busted pipes and bigoted redneck neighbours

5 Ways To Be Frigid In Alaska
Travelgirl, text and photos: Like many cheechakos (newbies to the north), I’d had a sort of Glacial Age impression of cold weather in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Come fall, the freeze descends, trapping musky hermits in a sheet of ice, right? Then the survivors huddle up with homebrew and sled dogs, gazing at Russia’s balmier shores like eagle-eyed Sarah Palin. I did not expect to swim. Outside. In September. Paddling the Inside Passage.

Wild and wicket: extreme croquet
Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Players take a genteel picnic pastime into all-terrain overdrive, hacking across rotten logs and mole holes.

Zen and the art of moped mayhem
MSN: All roads do lead to Rome, specifically to Piazza Venezia. Buses blast around the rotary, as tiny Fiats dart across the undefined lanes. It's a swirling, sucking whirlpool of metal. And I'm riding the wave bareback on a beat-up moped. This is Italian traffic, al fresco

Dinner And A Show
Visit Seattle Cover Story: Seattle has unpacked the dinner-and-a-show idea like a carful of clowns… From art to board games and cooking classes, venues across town have added twofer-twists to lure in patrons.

Lair of the Bear: A hiker's experience in the Pasayten
Northwest Travel cover story: We gave no voice to the frustration. Yes, the man had lied about his health, hiding those tell-tale white pills. And we’d made a grave navigational error. But shouting accusations would not get us out of the wilderness.

Flow State
Tapping the Subconscious Grace of Palau
Sport Diver Cover story: Hundreds of red snapper swirl like a galaxy, thick enough to block sunlight. For only three days each year, they gather in this fathomless deep to spawn during a full winter moon. I arc away from the reef, spindling toward the great ball of fish, enthralled. Buffalo stampeding. Locusts swarming. My mind fumbles for a sense of scale...

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