Tank Girl
won both writing
and photography awards.

As an editor, I strove
to represent women equally –
and positively... no easy feat
during the Brit 'lad movement."

Women's issues remain a very important part of my work, though my sense of humour has ruffled feathers on occasion.

Beauty doesn't come in a bottle: peeling back the myths about cellulite cream
Oxford Mail: "It's awful that women are conned into spending a lot of money. Claims are made without good evidence, then women expect an impossible result. There are no quick fixes. You need to learn to live with your own body," says Dr Ann McPherson.

Beauty for Rent: student strippers trade erotica for education
The Daily: Amanda Castleman spent three years investigating students who strip to pay for University. The four-page pull-out section won a national first place award for investigative journalism/in-depth feature from Columbia's Golden Circle.

Where groping helps the bottom line
MSN Underwire: Is pinching a woman's bottom in the workplace ever acceptable? Amanda Castleman reports from Rome on molestie sessuali.

Facing the bride of Frankenstein foods – makeup
Oxford Mail: Soya and corn oils are ingredients in numerous paints and potions, especially skin creams, but no GM labels are required.

Fiancee rapist
Lorraine Harding was violated and maimed. "It's too late for me," she says. "I just want my children to be safe. No one will ever do this to them."

Mary, Mary
Continental Drift: Amid the clash of sense and sensuality, Italy struggles to come to grips with femininity.

The office dress code: who's really wearing the trousers?
Oxford Mail Commentary:"Even Barbie, the most pliant of female symbols, gets to wear trousers. It's a sad day when we have to fight for the same rights."

Tank Girl: a woman of incongruities – sorority girl, fisheries major, ROTC cadet
The Daily: "If a man comes home from a good job, cooks dinner, takes care of the kids, spends time with his spouse – he's a hero. If a woman does that, it's normal," Nicole Zinc explains. "I'm not extraordinary. I'm just being a woman."

The (Real) Truth About Beauty
New Jersey Life Health + Beauty: Like it or not, our bodies influence status, sexuality, self-identity, and social encounters. Despite all our women’s lib and meditation about inner beauty, humans remain hard-wired for Felina lingerie, not femstaches. Anyone who bucks the trend should be prepared to ride out the reverb, from wooing, to the workplace, to places of worship.

Time for law and order on the Fertility Frontier
Italy Daily Comment: Italian IVF bill would endanger women, encouraging unproven techniques and risky multiple pregnancies. Science and safety should direct the legislation – not the moral musings of the Church

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